The next generation COST and CARBON estimating and forecasting solution.  Simple to use, fully integrated with carbon costs and rich with functionality that professionals expect.


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// Work Packages

Sterling’s Work Packages module gives your organisation the ability to create & send out multi-level work packages to your delivery partners, review and compare returned bids before incorporating your preferred bid cost and carbon values into the cost plan. 

Your delivery partners can view and review all related documents, drawings and models in an Enquiry package before adding their pricing, carbon values, adjustments and supporting documentation prior to submitting their bid  – all done within their version of Sterling.  

// Features include
  • Intelligent creation of sub-packages either manually or from your library
  • Quote management, negotiation & adjustment
  • Tender analysis
  • Cost comparison at any level
  • Delivery Partner Library to manage contacts
  • Reflect preferred bid rates in your Cost Plan and toggle the view between your base rates and bid rates for comparison
  • Supports knowledge of rate build-ups and submitted prices from bidders to build an historic rate library

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