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Our ‘ZERO’ Offer – Buy Sterling, Help the Industry.

What if part of your Sterling licence fee went to support sustainable initiatives?  Good idea right?  We think so too.

We have a limited time offer for our SME community that does just that!

For every SME that signs up for two or more Sterling licences for a 12mth period between 1st February and 30th September 2023, Rapid DCS will donate one months Sterling subscription value to ZERO on behalf of that SME.

As a founding member of ZERO, a community dedicated to guiding construction towards a low-carbon future, Rapid DCS is committed to helping SMEs make a positive impact on the environment. We are excited to share this win:win opportunity and support ZERO’s efforts to achieve net-zero carbon in the UK Built Environment.

The donation will be made to ZERO once every 12 months for as long as the SME continues to use Sterling without a break.

By adopting Sterling, SMEs can not only save time and money, but also help fund the fight against climate change. With Sterling, SMEs can stay ahead of the curve and mature their estimation capabilities, positioning themselves as leaders in their industry.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the low-carbon revolution. Get in touch with Rapid DCS today to learn more about Sterling and how you can help shape a better future.

Find out about ZERO:

“I fundamentally believe digital process is a key piece part of the carbon reduction puzzle and the Sterling ZERO partnership has been key to the communities success with ZERO’s global and Playbook launch in 2023. This additional support will go a long to help reduce carbon in the built environment”

Johnathan Munkley
Co-founder – ZERO